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Personae Dramatis
Bullit, a dwarf slayer journeying through the distant lands of Cathay and Nippon
Rayeth, of the Celestial College of Wizardy; Affiliated with Oathbound
Aiden, certified agent of Order hereticus; Affiliated with Oathbound
Quinn, uncommon ward of Dana Zhul; Affiliated with Oathbound
{Thaeden}, scout for * Combine of the Lorien Forest Oathbound
{Dik’ken}, soldier-son of a trader from Araby
{Raistlin}, also known as “Nek’kid”; brother of Dik’ken
Caddlery, of the cult of Ranald
{Autumn), exiled high elf on a pilgrimage of redemption
Dwarfenstein, an entertaining fellow

Dana Zhul, Wizard of the Celestial Order
{Rickard Ashaffenberg}, deceased head of house Ashaffenberg
{Ludmilla von Bruner}, wife to Rickard Ashaffenberg
Vern Hendrick, manservant to Rickard Ashaffenberg
Lord Maxmillian Ashaffenberg, heir the house Ashaffenberg

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Main Page

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